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IDC 2013

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Date: 6 - 9  September

Location: Teleki castle - Satulung, Maramures county, Romania

IDC Sieger Show 2013….

... will be held for the first time in Romania. We, Romanians, are known for our hospitality and we will make the event worth the trip not only for the IDC Sieger title but for the whole time spent in our country.

Held on a medieval castle premises, the event will benefit of classical atmosphere that we will flavour it with modern technology so the whole experience will be unique. Surprises will never cease to appear at this event.

Movie: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=366380290108432

Info about Teleki castle: Castel in Transilvania

Beside surprises we will offer during and after the event, Maramures County gives a wide range of places worth visiting.

Maramureş not only gives a geography lesson; culture and history are two of the main characteristics that define this region. There are numerous historical sites, museums and memorial houses.

The fame of the region is mainly due to the traditional architecture monuments, more than 200, perfectly preserved up to the present times. 


Tourist attractions in Maramures

The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

... famous for its colorful tombstones with  naive  paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.
The Merry Cemetery is now an open air Museum and it’s only 1 hour driving from the show premises.

Mocanita is the only European railway...

... that is still used for timber production. It also operates as steam train for tourists and you can see the mountains and old habits in our country, as well taking a traditional lunch while admiring the premises.
More info you can find on:

The wooden churches...

... built centuries ago and decorated inside with fantastic frescoes, are not simply museums: they are open to the public and religious ceremonies are performed here regularly. The uniqueness and the great value of these churches were recognized by one of the most important world authority, UNESCO, who has included eight of them on the World Heritage List. And many more other places you can see in our region ,which are a “must” to be visited  due to beauty of nature but also because of tradition kept during centuries, in your trip to IDC.

More information about the show, the schedule, accommodation, touristic information, etc. you will find on our webpage: http://idc.dobermann-club.ro. We expect everyone with love in our country and at IDC Show 2013 !

Csaba Andrei Majoros
President of Romanian Dobermann Club


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