Carpathian Cup 2019


 European Dobermann Cup Championship 2020

Date: 24 May

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•  Info: +40-722.397.770  E-mail: 
•  Location: Complex Gini House, loc. Lapuşel, str. Unirii 204, jud. Maramureş, Romania. La 8 km de Baia Mare;
Facebook: Dobermann Club Romania

We have the pleasure to announce you that in 2020, aproved by Romanian Kennel Club, so under the authority of FCI , will be organized by Romanian Dobermann Club the first European Dobermann Cup Championship on 24 of May. That will be at the level of IDC show of 2013 also organized by us , but only comparing as organization level , not as judjing results or political way of judging !
The best will be the winner, not the politically sustained owner or breeder. This is also my promiss.
And do not forget : we have fighted for cropped and docked dobermanns , to not be changed the standard of the breed for help of the geneople of this endangered breed, so cropped and docked dobermanns can participate !

Csaba Majoros
Romanian Dobermann Club President


Taxa de participare

Pentru membrii Dobermann Club România

Clasele Junior, Intermediate, Open, Work , Champion, Honour:
- 35 Eur / primul câine
- 30 Eur / al doilea câine
- 25 Eur / pentru al treilea și următorii câini

Clasele baby, Puppy și Veterani:
- 25 Euro / câine

Campion DCR
- 45 Eur / câine

Grup de creștere, Perechi:
25 Eur

Application Fee

For Dobermann Club România Members

Junior, Intermediate, Open, Work , Champion, Honour Class:
- 35 Eur / first dog 
- 30 Eur / second dog
- 25 Eur / third & next dogs

Baby, Puppy & Veteran Class:
- 25 Euro / câine

Champion Class:
- 45 Eur / câine

Breeders group, Pairs:
- 25 Eur

Pentru participanții European Cup (ne-membrii)

Clasele Junior, Intermediate, Open, Work , Champion, Honour:
- 50 Eur / primul câine
- 45 Eur / al doilea câine
- 35 Eur / următorii câini

Clasele baby, Puppy și Veterani:
- 35 Euro / câine

Campion DCR
- 55 Eur / câine

Grup de creștere, Perechi:
30 Eur

Modalitati de plata

  • Plata se poate face prin transfer bancar sau prin PayPal;
  • Platile trebuie facute pana la data de 16.05.2020 pentru toate inscrierile facute, in caz contrar cainii nu vor fi admisi si nu vor fi trecuti in catalog;
  • Trimiteti dovada platii prin e-mail, respectiv atasat inscrierii.

Pentru proprietari din Romania:

Plata prin transfer bancar se face la:

Dobermann Club Romania cod fiscal 13924267 BCR Baia Mare cont IBAN : RO73RNCB0182091939300001

Pentru mai multe informatii contactati:

Dl. Majoros Csaba (Presedinte DCR) – 0722 397 770 • E-mail:; Va rugam sa urmati pasii descrisi la pagina Inregistrare online pentru a va crea un cont si inregistra cainii in competitie.

For Others (non-members)

Junior, Intermediate, Open, Work , Champion, Honour Class:
- 50 Eur / first dog 
- 45 Eur / second dog
- 35 Eur / third & next dogs

Baby, Puppy & Veteran Class:
- 35 Euro / câine

Champion Class:
- 55 Eur / câine

Breeders group, Pairs:
- 30 Eur

Payment fee

  • Payment can be done by bank transfer or through PayPal;
  • Payment deadline is 16.05.2020, otherwise the dogs will not be admited to the show and neither will appear in the club catalogue;
  • Payment proof will be sent by mail or attached to entry forms.

Entry fee payment by bank transfer:

Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) Baia Mare – account holder: Dobermann Club Romania IBAN:RO46RNCB0182091939300002 Swift : RNCBROBU

For more informations please contact:

Mr. Majoros Csaba (President DCR)  +40 (0)722 397 770 • E-mail:; Please follow the steps described at Online entry for creating an account and proceed to the dogs registration.

I'd like to present you the show judging regulations, a new idea for judging rules, without a possible question of previous arrangements, even if judges were careful selected as honest judges who love dobermanns, but a way to be shown for future shows in which we want to minimise any doubt regarding result corectness, not like in IDC shows ' case :

  • Classes to be judged will be divided in 4 rings, without taking in account colour and sex, just an equilibration of number of dogs/ring.
  • Judge per a specific ring will be selected by raw in front of participants in the day of the show, just before starting the judging.
  • Judge from every ring will select 4 dobermanns from every class he judges for the finals.
  • Finals will be judged by ALL 4 judges.

A secret vote will rank the dogs in these finals/classes. Secret vote will be done from a tablette which every judge will have, results will be projected on a huge screen visible by participants where will be seen every judge placement and the result of their decision.
Every dog from every judge will have a ranking from 1 to 4, so the number 1 will be the dog with less total points ( 1 place=1 point, 2 place=2 points, 3 place =3 points, 4 place =4 points) second will be with the next low points total, so on...

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